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The Barr Association
Jamie's account of lunch
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This is Jaime's account of our lunch with Julia. 

I went to Fund for Animals but it was 1PM and the signing was over. I then went to restaurant which was located around the corner. Since everyone else arrived about 1:30, I got to know the maitre'd quite well.

The restaurant is Vice Versa on West 51st between 8th and 9th.. Very good food with a nice ambiance.

Lunch went from 1:30 - 3:50. Yes, I noticed since I had a 4:30 meeting.

Julia was wonderful. Rodi came along and did a lot of the talking...

Apparently there are some scenes coming up w/ Brooke and Edmund that will give them closure. Julia felt that these scenes will redeem Edmund.

At the end Julia mentioned something about contracts. There was my chance..I asked her if she has recently resigned. All she would say is that she will be around for a long time. Whew!!

by Jaime

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