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The Barr Association
Peace's account of lunch with Julia.
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This is what Peace remembers. 

Let me just say that Julia has a great sense of humor, and was very talkative.  I also couldn't believe how TINY she is!  She is just as beautiful as you see on T.V. 

Unfortunately, I arrived at the Fund for Animals signing late.  I missed the Soapnet interviews.  I walked in, and no one was standing near her at the time, so I was VERY NERVOUS to walk up to the table.  Julia tried hard to put me at ease, but it just wasn't happening!  Then I met the people from our group for the first time.  It was like we had known each other all along.  It added to how special the day was.

I just still cannot believe that I actually sat down to lunch with Julia Barr!  What a treat!  She handled everything so graciously.

Rodi was so nice.  She too has a great sense of humor.  I enjoyed talking with her almost as much as I did Julia Barr!  Like Marcie said, we were all at ease just sitting around and chatting.  We should feel very special that Julia did this for us!  I don't know of ANYONE else who did this for their special fans!  Julia is the best! 

I also think Julia was overwhelmed by the beautiful book that everyone worked on.  I had an opportunity to comb through it before Julia opened it, and I have to say that even I was overwhelmed.  I cannot imagine how Julia is going to feel after looking through it.  So much love and work went into that book.

All I can say is that I am still coming down from the high of yesterday.  The whole experience was really beyond words!

by Peace

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