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The Barr Association
Flavor of the month details

Each month a different man from Brooke's romantic history will be featured in "Flavor of the Month." Share your favorite memory about any of Brooke's loves by signing the guestbook.

If you have pictures/articles about any of the flavors
contact me.

The Flavors:
Benny Sago

Dan Kennicott

Tom Cudahy

Mark Dalton

Eddie Dorrance

Adam Chandler

Gilles St. Clair

Tad Martin

Jackson Montgomery

Edmund Grey

Pierce Riley

Jim Thomasen

Dimitri Marick

Eliot Freeman

Name that Flavor:
Example: We might feature Benny Sago and Dan
Kennicott together since she was involved with them at the same time. We could call them something like "Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl" because one was a good guy and the other was a bad guy. You tell me what flavor these guys are to you.

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