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Recent articles 

From Soap Opera Digest, Nov. 12, 2002
"Sharp Right Turn for AMC's Brooke

 Last week, ALL MY CHILDREN'S Brooke made what her portrayer, Julia Barr, laughingly calls 'a sharp right turn' --and landed in a drunken tryst with Adam.  This week, Adam pops up in Brooke's bed in hopes of extending their one-night stand, and Liza reaches a surprising conclusion as to why her hubby was out all night.

Executive Producer Jean Dadario Burke describes this Brooke/Adam redux as 'a whimsical, funny, wonderful relationship of tremendous equals.'  But why now?  'I was looking for something to lighten Brooke up,' she explains, 'and not make her seem like the loser in all of this' --that is , the return of Maria, which splintered Brooke's romance with Edmund.

Barr agrees with the sentiment.  'I called the writers and said, "I'm the happiest woman in daytime,' she beams.  'this Maria/Edmund/Brooke thing has been a great, emotional storyline, but Brooke can't just be some long-suffering victim; people will get turned off and think, "Oh, this character is a loser." Brooke and Adam have always had a real snap, spark and edge.  This is a great way to get Brooke's pizzazz back.'

But don't count Liza out of this romantic equation -- or Edmund, for that matter.  Burke promises that Brooke and Adam's renewed passion 'brings in a lot of story all the way around." 


From Soaps In Depth Magazine Nov. 12, 2002
"Brooke's Next Move!
                                    Maria and Edmund continue to explore their connection this week on 
                                    AMC, as Brooke deals with the repercussions of her recet past-and 
                                    tries to figure out exactly where her future lies.
                                    'Brooke has to reassess where she is in her life,' says her 
                                    portrayer, Julia Barr. 'She knows what she did was terrible, and she 
                                    will do anything to make it right. She needs to pull together as the 
                                    competent and ethical person she is and move forward.'
                                    Oddly enough, her most recent attempt to step into the future 
                                    involved a trip down memory lane with her ex-husband Adam, with whom 
                                    she wound up making love! Is Pine Valley's good girl really ready to 
                                    go another round with her bad boy ex? 'Maybe she needs a little spice 
                                    in her life (with) somebody (who isn't) really good.' That certainly 
                                    sounds like Adam to us!"

From Soap Opera Weekly Oct. 2002
"Brooke and Adam Sleep Together

Edmund who? Liza who? Former marrieds Brooke and Adam console each
other this week on All My Children and wind up in bed.


Brooke is drowning her sorrows at the Valley Inn after Brooke and
Edmund's annulment becomes official and Maria's mom has her
say. 'Isabella says , "It's good that it is an annulment because it's
like you were never married," ' reports Julia Barr (Brooke). Tad
tries to cheer her up, to no avail. 'Brooke deliberately gets drunk.
She tells Tad she doesn't need a babysitter and is finishing a glass
of wine and ordering another.'

Then Adam-on the heels of a fight with Liza and a flirtation with a
female bartender-catches her eye. 'She's not expecting anything to
happen,' shrugs Barr. 'Adam sees her smiling away and asks, 'What's
so amusing?' She's thinking, 'The more things change, the more they
stay the same.'


Adam takes Brooke home, they share a dance, and then hit the
sheets. 'They are comfortable in a funny way becaue they've been
married,' offers Barr. 'She knows all of his tricks. This is
not, "Oh, they've found each other again." She doesn't fall back in
love with him. She knows that he's in a bad way because of his
marriage and he knows she's in a bad way. He is still married, and
deep down he probably still loves his wife. But she thinks she can
have this little affair. Who is it going to hurt?


After the lovin' Brooke and Adam decide to keep their tryst under
wraps. 'They come downstairs-mostly dressed-and are running around
because Tad is at the door,' previews Barr. 'She makes Adam hide,
which he thinks is hilarious.' The whole story is tops with
her. 'It's a great way to get my character's edge back again,' she

'I thought it would be fun to do because of the characters' history,'
weighs in executive producer Jean Dadario Burke. 'When I mentioned it
to the writers, they ran with it.' "

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