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Brooke's History 1989-1992

Adam conned Dixie into marrying him. He needed to establish legal paternity before he could proceed with his plan-gaslight Dixie into believing she was losing her mind which would allow him to reclaim Brooke. Adam pretended to leave town, then snuck around the Chandler Mansion through the secret tunnels. Adam had Dixie convinced that because of postpartum depression, she had put detergent instead of formula in the babys bottle, shredded the baby's clothes with scissors and finally that she tried to drown Adam Jr. when she found his favorite teddy bear floating in the tub. Dixie agreed to commit herself to Oakhaven under the care of Dr. Snow unaware that he was in Adam's pocket.

The moment Dixie was out of the picture, Adam arranged for special bonding moments between Brooke and the baby. Of course Brooke was dubious of Adam, but despite her protests Adam could tell she was starting to soften. Adam's next move was setting out to acquire a London broadcasting network. However, the deal was not going smoothly and all the stress was starting to affect Adam's health. On more than one occasion, Brooke witnessed Adam suffer mini-strokes. It was after one of these episodes that Adam had to rush off to an emergency meeting with the duchess. Brooke insisted on attending the tough negations and he came through it with flying colors. Adam thanked Brooke profusely and the conversation turned personal. Adam openly confessed how much he not only missed Brooke, but little Laura, too. Brooke was profoundly touched and tempted to take things further, but Adam gallantly sent her home.

Adam had business in London and decided to use the locale to sweep Brooke off her feet. He arranged for Brooke's senior writer to be hired by another magazine forcing Brooke to attend a World Homeless Conference also being held in London. Brooke arrived at her hotel to find a rose and note from Adam which said that he loved her and the only one standing in their way was her and she didn't even know why. Shortly after, Adam showed up at Brooke's door delivering her hot chocolate. Brooke was not happy to see him, but it didn't stop Adam from his quest of seduction. He emphatically told Brooke that he knew it was illogical for her to still want him, but nonetheless he knew that she did. Adam pulled Brooke into a fervent kiss and she quickly gave into her desire. Their passion, however, was interrupted by an urgent knock on the door. The duchess came to explain to Adam that a problem had arisen obtaining the license for the station. In the time it took for Adam to plead his case to the board, Brooke's walls went back up. When a victorious Adam returned, Brooke informed him that if she were to ever sleep with Adam again it wouldn't be because he had talked her into it. Brooke walked out, leaving Adam surprisingly still hopeful because Brooke used the word "if."

Meanwhile, Tad saved Dixie from getting her brain scrambled by the evil Dr. Snow. They were hiding out at Aunt Phoebe's Willow Lake cabin when Brooke arrived for some R & R. Not knowing all the facts, Brooke was angry to find them there but she still concealed their whereabouts when she learned that Adam had followed her up to the cabin. Brooke agreed to coffee and donuts with Adam. She warned Adam that his kind of arrogance had brought down kings and lords and it could bring him down, too. At the cabin, Dr. Joe brought by a psychiatrist who declared that Dixie was not mentally incompetent.

The night of the Masked Ball Adam confided in Brooke that the deal was set and he was moving to London with Adam Jr. Adam then proposed marriage to Brooke by presenting her with a beautiful jewelry set. Before Brooke could give her answer, all hell broke loose. Palmer boasted that Adam may have the license needed to run channel five, but he had mortgaged all his assets to pay for the station to a company owned by Palmer. As of tomorrow, Palmer was calling in the first of his markers. Dixie then revealed herself and demanded her son. Just as Adam refused, Brooke walked into the ballroom carrying Adam Jr. Brooke pleaded with Adam to give the child to his mother, not because the courts forced him to, but because it was the right thing to do. Adam reluctantly allowed Brooke to put the child in Dixie's arms. The guests left and Brooke followed a devastated Adam up to the nursery. She asked him if he wanted her to go, he didn't. Adam sat silently in the rocking chair as Brooke gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

Adam quickly discovered the gravity of his situation. Two-timing Sean had cancelled all his insurance policies, therefore, it was only a matter of time before Adam's financial ruin would be complete. An angry Adam lashed out at Brooke, taking back his proposal, but Brooke told Adam that she couldn't say "no" when she really wanted to say "yes." Adam was dumbfounded since he had nothing to offer her. Brooke reminded Adam that she didn't marry him for his money in the first place, so why should that matter now. Brooke did wonder, however, if Adam wanted to marry Brooke for her money since he had lost half of his fortune to her in the divorce settlement. Adam laughed at the irony as he realized he couldnt have sheltered his money better. He assured Brooke that he knew that money had been earmarked for the homeless shelter. Adam could see that Brooke still didn't trust him. Brooke was going into this with her eyes wide open, but she still wanted to marry him.

Adam: Why?

Brooke: I love you.

Adam: No. No, it can't be.

Brooke: Why not?

Adam: Because because I put you through hell. I've lost everything. I was terrible to you, you cant forget all that.

Brooke: Adam love is not contingent on memories or money, its rooted inside and sometimes it just will not go away.

Adam: Are you telling me you mean this?

Brooke: I do.

Adam: Life with me could be a disaster.

Brooke: It already has been.

Adam: It could get worse.

Brooke: I don't think so. No. I think it's only going to get better.

Adam: Are you sure.

Brooke: I love you, Adam. I tried not to. I tried hating you. I did. I did.

Adam: Im not easy to love.

Brooke: (crying throughout) Youre a very dangerous man to love. I think that's part of it. I don't know, I think maybe I've become addicted to the danger. I think there was a time when I was challenged by this dance on the edge of destruction. But you know when the destruction came, and when I was hurt so, so bad. Deep inside, I still loved you. And that night at the masked ball, that incredible night, it all came together for me. Its like one minute you were on top of the world and proposing to me and charting this wonderful future, and the next minute Palmer destroyed your empire and Dixie took away your son, and there we were staring at this empty crib in the nursery, and everything just came flooding in on me, all of the happiness that we had had and lost, and the pain that we share, and I looked at you and I could see I could feel that heart crushing agony that you were in, and it was like I had this first glimmer of hope for you because I saw you and you were detached from everything, from the money, the wealth, the ambition, the drive, you were devastated, you were grieving, you were in so much pain and I thought maybe that all the suffering you were going through would just strip away all the bad things, and it would make you the Adam that I fell in love with, and it would make all the losses count for something. And it would give us a future.

Adam: Brooke, do you think I've changed?

Brooke: I just saw it. I saw it. I saw it. I heard it. I heard you put aside the anger and the hate at Palmer. I heard you literally almost get down on you hands and knees and it wasn't for power, and it wasn't for money, it was for Stuart, because you love your brother.

Adam: Of course, I love him. I had to do it.

Brooke: But that was when I knew that the Adam I remembered still existed. And I realized it was that Adam that I could begin to share my life with again.

Adam: (now also in tears, he rises from his chair and moves to her, they clasp hands). Brooke, I don't deserve you. I don't deserve a miracle. (She places her hand on his cheek, they come together for a tender kiss. Then she kisses his cheek as her pulls her into a tight and loving embrace as their theme music swells).

Adam wanted to get married right away, but Brooke insisted that they have a solid foundation first - not only trust between them, but that Adam would try to repair his estranged family relationships. Adam agreed to all her terms and their engagement was made public. From that moment, Brooke was fending off all the "friendly" advice she could stand. Brooke assured Adam that it didnt make a difference, but that all changed when Dixie revealed Adam's devious plot to gaslight her. Adam swore he thought Brooke already knew, but she didn't believe him. Brooke screamed that Junior was Adam's obsession and Adam was hers, but not anymore. Brooke shoved him out the door. She picked up the jewelry set Adam had given her for their engagement and with a cold, detached stare threw it in the trashcan.

When Brooke learned that a distraught Adam had a massive stroke after her rejection, she paid his hospital bills without his consent and falsely gave him hope of a reunion. It was slow going, but Adam finally made his way back. Adam, however, exploded when he found out via Erica that Brooke was taking care of him financially. Adam exclaimed that he didn't need Brookes money or pity, and ordered her to stay the hell away from him. Brooke obliged because she knew she couldn't give Adam what he really wanted-her.

1990: When Brooke discovered that Rutherford Construction was using substandard materials on a building for children with special needs, she launched an investigation. To help gather evidence that Morgan Rutherford was receiving kickbacks, Brooke employed the investigating skill of Tad Martin. Tad was thankful for the work. He needed a distraction from his marital woes because thanks to Palmer's constant interference and manipulation, Dixie had left Tad and was living at Cortlandt Manor.

Under the guise of conducting an interview, Brooke managed to garner an invitation from Rutherford's wife to spend the weekend at their beach house. However, a problem arose when Loretta made it abundantly clear that her real interest lie in spending time alone with Tad. To keep Loretta off his back and elsewhere, Tad planted a steamy kiss on Brooke. Brooke went along with the charade, but things got even more complicated with Adam's unexpected arrival. Morgan didn't make the connection that Brooke was Adam's ex-wife when he invited his old buddy Adam to join them. When Adam learned that Brooke and Tad were sharing a room, he left before sunrise and went straight to Dixie. Brooke assured Dixie that Adam's overactive imagination was off base, and that the only thing going on between Brooke and Tad was an undercover investigation.

Rutherford soon caught onto the investigation and kidnapped Tad. He threatened to kill Tad if Brooke didn't kill the expose. Brooke agreed to his demands, which included a glowing rewrite and returning all evidence. With Trevor and Jeremy tracking her every move, Brooke arrived in the park, but they couldn't stop her from being abducted as well. When Rutherford learned he had been tricked and that the expose had already gone to press, he made plans to dispose of both his victims. At gunpoint, he forced Brooke and Tad to consume large quantities of alcohol until they passed out. He then placed them in Brooke's car. The rescue squad, which now also included Adam and Natalie, came upon the scene just as Brooke's car went over the cliff and burst into flames. Believing Brooke had perished, Jeremy consoled a devastated Adam as Trevor and Natalie handcuffed Rutherford and his gang.

Just as Natalie was about to notify Brooke and Tad's family of the deadly accident, the two, blitzed and singing, strolled into the cabin. Due to Tad's quick thinking, he pushed them out of the car before it crashed. When Brooke found some focus, she was angry at Adam for being there. She reminded Adam of how he succinctly ordered her to stay out of his life, and she wanted him to do the same. Natalie tried to cushion the blow by saying it was the alcohol talking, but Adam knew that just made it easier for Brooke to speak her mind. Meanwhile, Tad called Dixie, but because of his drunken state, she misconstrued his statements.

While at the hospital recuperating from minor injuries, Tad received divorce papers. Brooke found a depressed Tad in the park and they went back to his place. They commiserated over their broken hearts and shattered dreams, and a consoling kiss turned chemical. They moved things up to the bedroom. Meanwhile, through Adam Dixie learned that Palmer had pushed through the divorce despite her wishes. She read Palmer the riot act and then bolted over to the loft. When Dixie entered, she saw Tad's wedding band on the coffee table and a woman's jacket and shoes scattered around the living room. She decided to confront Tad but lost her nerve when she heard laughter wafting down from the bedroom. Dixie snuck out and confided in Adam the scene she came upon. Adam raced over to the loft and told Tad that the divorce papers were a product of Palmer's manipulations, but it was Tad who put the final nail in the coffin because Dixie overheard Tad having sex with Loretta Rutherford. Tad threw Adam out, and Brooke thanked him for not telling Adam that is was she up there. Brooke then asked Tad what he was going to do. Tad felt a little awkward discussing his marriage with Brooke since they had just gone to bed together. Brooke said she didn't want to lose Tad as a friend just because they had been lovers. Tad said he was going to go to Dixie and beg forgiveness, but he wasnt planning on getting it.

Tad was right, Dixie couldn't forgive him. Tad showed up at Brooke's place, soaked from the rain. Tad knew this was going to sound corny, but he just wanted to thank Brooke for everything she'd done. Tad said without Brooke's unwavering support he wouldn't have made it through all this. The moment turned chemical again, but Brooke pulled back. Tad agreed it probably wasn't a good idea. At the door, Tad kissed Brooke good-bye with a lover's familiarity.

Tad wasn't making any progress with Dixie, partly because he wouldn't reveal the name of the woman he slept with. A guilty Brooke offered herself up on the chopping block, but Tad didn't see the point in inflicting that kind of pain on Dixie for a one-time thing. So when Brooke admitted she couldn't stop thinking about their night together, Tad was surprised and turned on. It didnt take much convincing on Tad's part to get Brooke back in bed. After making love, Tad agreed to spend the night. As Tad drifted off to sleep, Brooke told Tad she was happy. The next morning, however, things turned ugly when Adam showed up at Brooke's door to witness a good-bye kiss between Brooke and Tad. Adam went ballistic and attacked Tad. Brooke managed to stop the fight, but she couldn't get any kind of guarantee from Adam that he wouldnt spill the beans to Dixie. Brooke left for her business trip and Tad faced the music with Dixie.

Brooke returned home to find an anxious Tad ready to pick up where they had left off. Brooke had reservations though. She was worried about Tad still being in love with Dixie, about being a substitute, and about the complications that can come when friends suddenly become lovers. Despite Tad's protests, she called it quits. To drive the point home, Brooke accepted a date with Jackson Montgomery. At the concert in the park, they ran into Tad and Ceara. Jackson made note of Brooke and Tad's bickering and later asked if their friendship had turned a corner. Brooke admitted they got too close during the Rutherford investigation, but that it was over.

Brooke received a threat during the Rutherford trial, so Tad refused to leave her side. The sexual tension was running high, and they were annoying the hell out of each other. Brooke agreed to dinner hoping it would get Tad off her back, but the tension only escalated when they bumped into the newly engaged Adam and Natalie. Brooke played good sport and congratulated the happy couple, but Tad called her on it. Tad thought it was a sick joke that they couldn't be together because he still had feelings for Dixie when it was just as obvious to him that Brooke was still in love with Adam. Tad said Brooke was retreating from life as a way of protecting herself, figuring if she didn't let anyone close enough to her, then she couldn't get hurt. The only problem with living life on the sidelines is that she was going to get very, very bored. With that, Tad laid a passionate kiss on Brooke and she readily responded.

Tad convinced Brooke to go public with their relationship. At Nico's club, they ran into an appalled Aunt Phoebe. Brooke didn't care what her aunt thought. She was going to pursue a relationship with Tad because he made her happy. Aunt Phoebe later told Tad he was an idiot if he couldn't see that Brooke was falling in love with him. When Tad pressed the issue with Brooke, she admitted her aunt was right, even though they had agreed on a no-strings relationship. Tad couldn't say he loved her back, but he was right where he wanted to be.

On the night Tad's marriage officially ended, Brooke attacked Adam with the smear article because he had tried to use Tempo as for his own personal propaganda. Adam vowed to pay Brooke back, but was secretly impressed. Brooke and Tad get up the next morning and made love one more time, and Jamie was conceived. Dixie was kidnapped, Tad rescued her and then came back to end things with Brooke. Brooke freely let him go, with no guilt. After he walked out the door, Brooke said she got exactly what she deserved.

Brooke and Tad continued their friendship as Tad and Dixie planned their wedding. On the day Tad and Dixie were to be remarried, Billy Clyde set up a trap and lured Tad onto the Lockport Bridge. After a struggle and explosion, both men were thrown into the rough waters. Billy Clyde's body was recovered, but only Tad's belongings were found including the wedding bands. Brooke learned of the accident and fainted. When she came to, Tom comforted her as she recalled the news of Tad's death.

Tom was worried about Brooke because she hadn't been feeling well along with the fainting. He basically bullied Brooke into getting a physical exam. Chuck suspected what was wrong with Brooke and suggested she take a pregnancy test. Brooke admitted that she didn't use contraceptives with Tad because she believed she couldn't conceive, but she highly doubted she was pregnant. Brooke was overjoyed when she learned that she was indeed pregnant with Tad's child. Brooke didn't know how she was going to handle the pregnancy yet, but knew she wanted the child. Chuck told Brooke she had plenty of time to figure things out. Brooke declared that the pregnancy was a miracle.

1991: Brooke came up with a plan, she was going to tell everyone that she was going to adopt a child abroad and then come back after she had the baby. In the meantime, Trevor deduced that Brooke was really preggers and she had no choice but to admit the truth. Well almost the truth, she told Trevor that she had been artificially inseminated. Trevor still suspected the baby was Tad's, but kept quiet and congratulated his dear friend. Brooke told Trevor that she didn't want people to know how her child was conceived and he agreed to keep mum. At her going away party, Adam pretended to be Stuart so he could speak to Brooke. Brooke immediately knew that it was Adam. Adam proudly told Brooke that he had come up with a way for her to be able to stay in Pine Valley. Adam had arranged for Brooke to adopt a baby that was going to be born in two months. All Brooke had to do was meet the mother and it was a done deal. Brooke could not believe Adam's audacity, not only had he meddled in her life, but the life of some poor woman and her innocent child. Adam was at a loss, he thought this was what Brooke wanted. Adam followed after Brooke as she returned to her party. Trevor tried to get rid of Adam in a friendly manner, but fists ended up flying and Brooke got caught in the middle. Trevor screamed out to be careful because Brooke was pregnant. The whole room went silent. Trevor tried to cover, but Brooke finally admitted the truth, (sort of), she was pregnant by artificial insemination. Adam was thrown out while the rest of the room, except for Phoebe, congratulated the mother to be. Chuck finally got Phoebe to come around and give Brooke her warm wishes. Brooke went to her coat to get a tissue when Adam popped up again. Brooke gave Adam two minutes to speak his peace and in that time he managed to touch her heart the way he always did. Adam told Brooke how happy he was that she was going to be a mother again, and that the only thing that made him sad was that had he not been such a fool they might be having this child together. Adam wished her the best and exited.

Dixie learned of Brooke's pregnancy and made a beeline for her. Brooke swore up and down to Dixie that this child was not Tad's. After Tad had left Brooke for Dixie, she did some soul searching and realized she wanted to be a mother again. After learning it was possible, she went through with the insemination. When Brooke saw Dixie's visceral relief she believed she was correct in keeping this information to herself.

Adam meanwhile decided that he wanted to be the father to Brooke's baby whether that was what she wanted or not and he really started to apply the pressure. To get Adam off her back, Brooke agreed to Trevor's plan to entrap Adam. Brooke managed to get all the information on tape that Natalie needed to secure her divorce. Adam learned of Brooke's betrayal, but instead of being mad at her, he apologized for pressuring her during a time when she could least afford it. Adam told Brooke that he wouldn't be back. Brooke was oddly disturbed by the thought and when Trevor flashed the incriminating tape in front of Brooke she tossed in the fireplace. Trevor was livid while Natalie was more understanding.

Trevor had to cook up another scheme to get Natalie out of her marriage to Adam, so he told Adam the reason that Brooke destroyed the tape was because she couldn't go through with hurting the father of her child. Trevor pretended like the information just slipped out of his mouth, but he got to Adam, hook line and sinker.

Trevor and Natalie doctored the documents at the clinic and Adam showed the proof to Brooke who swore the information was completely wrong. Brooke tracked down Trevor and demanded that he stop this nonsense. Trevor wouldn't do it, not when they were so close to freeing Natalie. Sure enough, Adam agreed to the divorce and moved out of the mansion. Brooke agreed to join him for dinner. He took her to a little B&B out in the country where he was friends with the owners. Brooke was impressed when she learned that Adam helped the owner's son get a scholarship through the Mason Foundation. Brooke went to the ladie's room as Adam bought an entire jar of cinnamon hearts. Brooke came back down the stairs and as she looked at Adam she recalled a moment from years earlier when she and Adam were first trying to have a child together. She moved to the table to find the cinnamon hearts on her placemat arranged in the shape of a heart with the initials BE & AC forever in the middle. Brooke felt Adam had the right to know this baby wasn't his and she told him so, but he still didn't believe her. Despite herself, Brooke had a lovely evening, but again things turned sour when Adams car wouldn't start. Adam managed to wiggle a wire and get the car started but Brooke climbed over to the driver's seat and sped off without him. Brooke later learned from Trevor that Adam's car had been recalled because of problems with said wire. Adam came over to Brooke's and she agreed to have dinner with him as a way of apologizing. Things turned chemical and they kissed. Brooke knew she couldn't let things go any further, so she sent Adam out for some ice cream, and when he came back she was gone.

Brooke returned from her trip to find Adam at every turn. Meanwhile, Tom was having problems with Barbara because she conceived a child with Travis to save their other daughter, Molly, who was suffering from leukemia. Fed up, Tom agreed to say that he was the father of Brooke's baby. It took the town by shock, but the timing seemed right. Tom ordered Adam to stay away from Brooke and the baby. They even went as far as telling people they were going to get married. However, as Brooke's due date approached and Toms divorce became final, they told everyone that they had a change of heart and were going to raise the baby together but not as a married couple. This lit a fire under Adam who was convinced that Brooke wasn't marrying Tom because she was still in love with him. Tom thought they could stop all this nonsense by actually getting married, but Brooke didn't feel it was the right reason to get married. Tom knew that, but he also knew what it was like to be married to Brooke and raise a child with her and he wanted that again. Brooke politely turned Tom down.

Dixie got wind of Brooke's decision to stay single and also got suspicious. She went over to Brooke's place, Brooke wasn't home, but that also didn't stop Dixie from snooping. She found the necklace Tad had given Brooke and one of his shirts on Brooke's bed. Brooke was appalled to find Dixie rummaging through her home, while Dixie was appalled that Brooke was carrying Tad's child. Brooke never admitted the child was Tad's, but Dixie left there convinced it was. Brooke called up Tom and asked him to come over. Brooke explained to Tom all that had happened and she wanted to know if he would marry her. Tom accepted, saying that maybe this time they would get it right.

Adam used Arlene to purchase drugs so he could plant them on Trevor. It was his payback for convincing Adam he was the father of Brooke's child. Meanwhile, Arlene got smashed when she learned of Adam's intentions and Hayley jumped in the car with her mother. Jackson wondered what Brooke and Tom's sudden rush to get married was all about. As Brooke and Jackson argued in the car, Arlene came careening at them. Jackson was relatively unhurt, but Brooke was trapped in the car with a broken collar bone and foot. The paramedics managed to get Brooke out of the car just before it exploded.

Hayley took the blame for the car crash because her mother already had two DUIs. Hayley was amazed when Brooke forgave her, but Brooke knew that Hayley was truly sorry. However, that didn't stop Adam from going after Hayley. Adam proposed a deal, if Brooke got back together with him he would get the charges dropped. Brooke told him not on his wretched life. She wouldn't subject her child to Adam and she couldn't wait until she was married to Tom because then she wouldn't need a restraining order to keep Adam away because she'd have a husband. Adam warned that if she pulled away from him, he would be losing the part of him that wanted to do good, but Brooke said she didn't want that job anymore. Adam had a change of heart however when he learned Hayley was his daughter, and Arlene eventually confessed to her crime and was sentenced to jail.

Jackson also apologized for opening his big mouth. Brooke assured Jackson that their arguing didn't cause the accident. Jackson then put Jamie in Brooke's arms for the first time. Brooke came home from the hospital, but needed a lot of extra help because her arm was in a sling and her leg had a cast. Jackson, out of guilt and attraction, started hanging around more and more, but things got complicated when Brooke announced her decision to marry Tom since he now knew that Jamie was Tad's son. Brooke didn't understand why Jack couldn't be more supportive and he responded with a kiss. Brooke kissed back, but then pulled away. Jack apologized, but Tom gleaned there was an attraction between the two and backed out of the wedding.

Brooke and Jack, much to the chagrin of Aunt Phoebe, Erica and Adam, started dating. Brooke, however, pulled back when she witnessed a close moment between Jack and Erica. Brooke explained that she had already been hurt when she ignored the obvious between Tad and Dixie and she wasn't going to do that again. On the forth of July, Jack had it out with Erica and he returned to Brooke telling her that he had cleared up any unfinished business with Erica. Brooke agreed to continue her relationship with Jack, but when Jack wanted to take things to the next level, Brooke declined. Brooke told Jackson that without even realizing it, he had become a dear friend and she was scared of losing him. Jack was convinced they would be even better friends after being lovers, but Brooke wasn't sure if she wanted to take that risk. An emergency called Jack away, and Brooke was granted a reprieve. Jack came by the next day and told Brooke he forgot to tell her something last night, he forgot to say that he loved her. Brooke told him that as sweet as those three little words were, that wasn't necessarily going to get them into bed together. Jack assured Brooke that he wasn't just trying to get into her bed, but rather into her heart. Jack kissed Brooke good-bye and she ushered him out because Natalie's bridal shower was about to start.

Brooke called Jack over because she couldn't get Jamie to sleep. Jack serenaded the little tyke and then he and Brooke got busy on the couch. Brooke pulled away and Jack thought it was another no-go until Brooke nodded for him to join her in the bedroom. After making love, Brooke told Jack that she loved him. Jack loved her too and he wanted her to believe that. She did and they made love again. Meanwhile, Erica got wind of how well Brooke and Jackson's relationship was going and decided that she wanted Jack back.

Jack proposed marriage with a legal document. Brooke did love Jack, but she didn't think they were ready to take that next step. She signed the document with XOXOs and a maybe. Brooke then told Jackson that he could still spend the night, which satisfied him temporarily.

When Erica decided to get involved with the landfill project, Brooke suspected that it was only because Jack was also involved. Brooke decided to fight fire with fire and use her feminine wiles to keep Jack away from Erica. She kept him very sexually active, she even went as far as pretending to be a robber breaking into Jacks office. She offered him a licorice gun, a trench coat and a teddy. Their evening was going well until Adam showed up. Adam asked to speak to Brooke alone. To Jack's surprise, Brooke agreed. Adam, who was now interested in Erica, forewarned Brooke that Erica was up to something. Sure enough, Opal came bounding in the office with some ludicrous story that Erica was in trouble. No one believed Opal, and Adam was sent to "protect" Erica. Erica was not happy to see him or happy to hear that Brooke and Jack were having a wonderful time. Brooke, however, was not happy when Erica managed to get herself arrested and Jack had to come to her rescue.

Finally, Brooke discovered that Enchantment owned one of the biggest landfills in the area, which was in direct contradiction to the environmental committee Erica was on. Brooke intended on printing it in Tempo magazine, which pissed off Jackson when he found out about it. Instead it was revealed at the Charity Ball. Brooke and Jack called it quits, and he went to New York with Erica where he discovered everything Brooke was claiming about Erica was true. He returned to Brooke, but she slammed the door in his face. Brooke was angry at Opal for treating her like an object that had no feelings. She came over to her house and marveled over Jamie and then stabbed Brooke in the back by helping Erica. (Brooke had finally told Dixie, Opal and the Martins that Jamie was Tad's child) Opal pleaded with Brooke not to take Jamie away from her. Brooke assured Opal that wasn't her style. Now Opal really did feel bad, and wondered if there was anything she could do to help. Brooke said there wasn't. Even if Jack came crawling back, she wouldnt want him. Brooke declared that the next time she found a man she was interested in, she was going to make damn sure that Erica Kane wasnt within a country mile.

Dimitri Marick arrived in town and rescued Natalie from the well. Meanwhile, Brooke interviewed Dimitri and became suspicious because of the circumstances involving his first wife's death. Brooke believed that Angelique may still be alive and she and Jack went overseas looking for answers. They come close to the truth, but Helga had Angelique moved back to Wildwind before she could be discovered. Meanwhile, a moment turned passionate between Jack and Brooke. He kissed Brooke, and Brooke sternly warned him that they could not work together on this if he persisted. He didn't have much time to persist because Pine Valley was about to be turned upside down with Angelique being rolled out for all to see at Dimitri's engagement party to Natalie, Will Cortlandt being murdered and Edmund Grey arriving into town.

More to come, stay tuned.

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