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Soap Opera Digest - July 15, 2003
"Missing Links
They're talented, popular performers who play intriguing characters. They have the right stuff to make scenes pop. But they also have had precious little meaty material lately. To the powers-that-be, we say, C'mon-give these characters their very own front-burner stories.
All My Children
Brooke English
In the beginning: In 1976, Brooke descended on Pine Valley for an extended visit with her aunt, Phoebe. Unbeknownst to Phoebe, her angel-faced niece was really a scheming seductress who toyed with the affections of thuggish Benny Sago and clean-cut dupe Dan Kennicott.
Those were the days: Brooke kicked off her rivalry with Erica by taking up with Tom Cudahy in 1977... In 1979, she was date-raped by Eddie and aborted the resulting pregnancy... She was jailed in 1985 for refusing to reveal a source... In 1987, was magnetically drawn to Adam, who became her husband that year... In 1988, Brooke's young daughter, Laura, was killed by a drunk driver... Divorced Adam in 1989 when he impregnated Dixie... Got pregnant with Jamie by Tad in 1990... In 1992, she fell in love with Edmund, but wed Tad in 1993... A tubal pregnancy nearly cost Brooke her life in 1994... Rescued baby Maddie after a plane crash in 1997.
The way it is:  Brooke and Edmund resumed their love affair and married in 2002. Unfortunately, the return of his not-so-dead wife, Maria, invalidated the nups. After a brief spell of rebound sheet-tangling with Adam, Brooke was relegated to the storyline sidelines, popping up occasionally to counsel Tad or Jamie.
What could be: With her love life on the wane, now's a perfect time for Brooke to recommit herself to her work as editor of Tempo. What if Brooke wrote a searing expose on Michael's underhanded business tactics and misogynistic personal dealings, thus landing herself on his ever-growing list of enemies? This could give Brooke and erstwhile nemesis Erica a common goal: bringing down the scumbag. And it might also lead to some close enounters with another P.V.-ite who'd like to rid the town of Cambias: her (newly single) ex, Adam."

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