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No Love for Brooke?
The Barr Association

Soap Opera Digest Sept. 14, 2004

"No Love for AMC's Brooke?

AMC fans who flip ahead to our fall preview (p. 30) will no doubt notice one character who isn't mentioned: Julia Barr's Brooke, who has long been without a story of her own.

Head Writer Megan McTavish assures that Brooke will have a presence this autumn.  'Brooke is very much involved with Jamie's story with Tad.  It brings Brooke head-to-head with Adam,' she explains.  But that's not quite what the Brooke loyalists are hoping to hear: They're clamoring to see Ms. English in a long-overdue romance.

'I haven't eliminated anything for Brooke as far as Adam or Edmund,' says McTavish.  'I'm just not necessarily going to tell you we're definitely going there, either.  The trouble with Brooke going to Edmund as this point is that Edmund's focus has got to be on Maria, and Brooke would be an idiot if she was pursuing him.  And she is not (an idiot).  As much as we all want her to have a romance, Brooke is such a strong woman and independent and such a role model.  When she falls in love, it will be something she wants, not something she just tumbles into because she can't get along.'

So for now, it's Brooke the mom who will get the major play. 'Brooke and Tad are going to face some very, very hard choices this fall,' McTavish says, 'when they have to choose between their child and somebody else.'"

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