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The Barr Association
Brooke and Adam's affair part 2

Adam couldn't stop thinking about making love to Brooke. On Halloween night he showed up at Tad's with Colby and tried to convince Brooke to continue their affair. When she refused he decided to stage a seduction at her house.

That night Adam and Colby show up at Tad's for Halloween. Adam continues to pursue Brooke.

When Brooke gets home from Tad's she finds Adam in her bed, along with champagne and roses.

When Brooke sees Adam in his red silk pjs she can't help but laugh.

But Adam's mood is more romantic. He wants Brooke to give in to her passion for him.


While basking in the afterglow Brooke tells Adam she's glad he insisted.

Finally Brooke agrees to make love to Adam one more time. Who can resist the silver fox?

While saying good night at her front door Adam sweeps her into a kiss and they get carried away.

They decide to continue their affair, but Brooke has some rules. One is that no one can find out.

It's Hayley and she's not happy when she sees her dad with Brooke, who decides to end the affair.

Just as they finish kissing they hear someone coming up the walk.

Jamie announces to everyone at the costume ball that his mother and Adam are sleeping together.

This is where the story ended. Will there be more? Stay tuned!