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The Barr Association
Flavor of the Month-Adam

Adam Chandler. Yum. Yum. 

Brooke and Adam when they were married.

In an effort to irk Erica, in 1986, Adam offered Brooke Erica's job as Tempo's Editor-in-Chief. Brooke was interested in the career move, but not the commute to Manhattan where the magazine's headquarters were located. If Mohammed wouldn't come to the mountain, then the mountain would come to Mohammed. Adam moved the offices to Pine Valley and Brooke, much to Erica's dismay, accepted the position. (continued)

Brooke decided to end the affair because Jamie found out and was upset.

Brooke and Adam recently rekindled their passion for each other by having an affair.

Jamie confronted Adam at the costume ball about their affair.

Read what Julia Barr has to say about Brooke and Adam.

Adam Chandler. The Silver Fox.