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The Barr Association
Angie's account of lunch with Julia.
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Angie's memories. 

When we got to The Fund for Animals, Rodi came over
                           and shook hands with everyone and wanted to know all
                           of our names. And she said something like that Julia
                           had been looking for us/asking about us. 
                           There was a table set up with the cd's and they were
                           selling raffle tickets for signed cast photos. I got
                           a CD as a gift and a raffle ticket. Julia was doing
                           some interviews, and they had us line up. I was first
                           in line I think. Made me kind of nervous! I went
                           over and told her my name. (Rodi had made us nametags
                           but we didn't have them yet). She said she had read
                           all our bios. I already had an autographed CD, but
                           she put my name on it and autographed the one I bought
                           as a gift. I told her I felt like a traitor and it
                           was her fault LOL. She looked surprised for a minute
                           and then said "Oh Adam". She said something about
                           enjoying working with David Canary. And that she
                           didn't know how long that was going to last. Sounded
                           to me like it was still somewhat ongoing, at least for
                           another month since they tape that far ahead. I asked
                           if Brooke and Tad were next. She said she didn't
                           think they were going to be romantic. I thanked her
                           profusely! LOL And told her I loved Michael, and
                           Brooke and Tad's friendship - with no kissing! She
                           said she found their separate lives more interesting,
                           parenting Jamie. I told her I liked the new Jamie and
                           she said that he is really sweet. I had taken the
                           paper thingy out of the CD cover to make it easier for
                           her to sign. We were trying to put it back inside. 
                           She said something about doing over 100 of them. The
                           plastic case gave us some trouble, but we finally got
                           it together! Oh I do rememember Rodi saying that they
                           had sold out of the autographed CD's. Oh she also said how
                           much she appreciated our support. And asked if I was
                           going to the lunch. 
                           I took a few pictures of the other girls when they
                           went up. And spent alot of time handing out Barr
                           Association cards to the other fans there. I think
                           Marcie was also giving out LGS cards. We invited quite
                           a few people to our group. Hopefully they will join
                           They asked us if we would be interviewed by soapnet,
                           and we all signed releases. We were all pretty
                           nervous! Julia stood off to the side encouraging us
                           to "smile you look tense!" Then, like Marcie said, she
                           came running over acting all shocked, "what are you
                           doing here???" When they asked where we were going to
                           lunch, all Rodi would say was "in the theater
                           district". She said they could have brought a camera
                           crew to the restaurant, but it was about us and not
                           Rachel gave me a shirt, and we got them signed, and
                           Julia took a picture with each of us. And then a
                           group shot of everyone. 
                           Julia really took her time with everyone, you never
                           felt rushed. She was really interested in what we had
                           to say. LOL there is one picture of her with Amy
                           where she is looking especially intent. Or was it
                           bored? LMAO! She also was very aware of us the whole
                           time we were there, regardless of who else was
                           around. We left a little while before the signing was
                           over, and she waved at us as we left.
                           Audrey was already at the restaurant, so we got
                           acquainted with her. Rodi and Julia came shortly
                           after. Audrey was saying she had missed the signing,
                           and Julia said something about "this is the good part
                           anyway". We went and sat down and Rodi made several
                           suggestions on the menu. Rachel gave her the CD's and
                           the book. And Farrah gave her a gift too. Oh and
                           Rachel had picked up some Godiva chocolate. She liked
                           that! She asked if the CD's were a DVD LOL. And
                           wasn't sure what a wav file was. She really seemed to
                           like the book, tho she wasn't able to get far. Rodi
                           told her we came to talk to her, not to watch her
                           read. And took the book away from her. And proceeded
                           to read it herself, ooohing and awwwwing. Julia
                           complained that she wouldn't let HER read it LOL. 
                           Julia made a toast to us. We tried to tell her we
                           should be toasting her. But she insisted on toasting
                           us, and then joked, "ok now you can toast me if you
                           want". LOL she really has a great sense of humor. 
                           Then she wanted us to go around the table and tell her
                           what we liked and didn't like. It took awhile, bc she
                           was constantly commenting on what we were saying,
                           asking questions.... Farrah mentioned that she was in
                           her fanclub many years ago. 
Someone mentioned
                           Brooke and Edmund's first
                           scene together. And Julia remembered it, she'd had to
                           dump her purse but also to really establish that eye
                           contact. We talked about humor and that it's been
                           missing. She told a story about a scene where Langley
                           and Phoebe were fighting in the living room and he
                           moved her backwards to complete his golf shot. She
                           wanted to know if we felt the show needed more
                           modernizing. I think she may have been referring to
                           the way The City was when it first started. In fact
                           she did mention the camera work. She also said that
                           the new opening was shot on film, instead of video
                           tape, and that the makeup is different when they tape
                           on film. And it takes about two hours for makeup and
                           I think pretty much everything else has been covered! 
                           In addition to meeting Julia and Rodi, I was SO happy
                           to have met everyone there. I had a great time!

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