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The Barr Association
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Mission Statement
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Written by Shannon 

The Barr Association is the "unofficial" Julia Barr fanclub. The best part about being unofficial is there's no fee to join!
Our goal is to celebrate the character of Brooke English and have fun.
Our vision is to make this site interactive with a monthly poll, and frequent opportunities for fans to give their input.
We recognize that in order for fans to repeatedly visit a website, it has to be updated frequently. One way we will accomplish that aim is through "flavor of the month." Through this feature, a different man from Brooke's romantic history will be profiled monthly.
Our site will change as Brooke's storyline changes. We will have up-to-date spoilers and pictures while also celebrating the rich history of Brooke's character with features like "Brooke Trivia,  A Walk Down Memory Lane" and a full-length history of Brooke's life in Pine Valley.
We understand that Julia Barr has an official web site, and we will work to promote that site and in no way duplicate or detract from it. We will publicize the official site by linking it to our site and drawing attention to special features and changes featured at
Are you interested in joining The Barr Association?

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