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Flavor of the Month

Handsome journalist Edmund Grey.

Brooke and Edmund on their wedding day, August 23, 2002.

Brooke and Edmund in 2002.

Brooke and Edmund in 1992.

Edmund Grey came to Pine Valley in 1992 and met Brooke English shortly after arriving. It was love at first sight for both of them. They began a tumultuous relationship which was on-again, off-again until Brooke married Tad Martin. Edmund moved on and married Maria Santos.
Maria was killed in a plane crash in 1997 and Brooke and Edmund always remained close friends, as well as business partners. In September, 2001, Brooke and Edmund realized they were still in love and got back together.
On Valentine's Day, 2002, Edmund proposed to Brooke (see pictures) and this time  they married (see pictures). Their marriage was short-lived when Maria returned from the dead on their wedding day.

Brooke and Edmund were an extremely popular couple.

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In a recent Soap Opera Digest poll 68% of respondents thought Edmund should move on with Brooke.

First there was a triangle with Tad and then Maria.