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Flavor of the Month

Yummy Dimitri Marick! 

When Brooke was arrested for killing Jim Thomasen, Dimitri spent the night in an adjoining cell.


When asked about Brooke and Dimitri, Julia Barr said, "While Michael Nader and I didn't get to work together for very long, I enjoyed our scenes together and was intrigued by the Dimitri/Brooke pairing. It would have been interesting if it continued!"

Brooke and Dimitri flirt during dinner at Wildwind.

Brooke and Dimitri
by Santos and Marcie
Dimitri and Brooke had been acquaintances for many years, but they were
not close friends nor had they ever been romantically involved. They first met when Brooke did a story on Dimitri's wife Angelique in 1992. Edmund came to town because he and Angelique had grown up together and he wanted to make sure she was alright. He fell in love with Brooke and soon found out he and Dimitri were half brothers- they both had the same father.
Dimitri refused to believe that his father had an affair with Edmund's mother, who was a servant. This led to many, many fights between Edmund and Dimitri. Brooke often served as a peace-maker between the two brothers and continued in that role right up until Dimitri left town in 2000. Dimitri always listened to Brooke and she stood up to him on many occasions during the time Edmund was trying to prove his paternity. This was the basis of their friendship.

In 1997 there was a plane crash in which Maria, Edmund's wife, was killed. Brooke became romantically involved with the man responsible for the crash, Jim Thomasen, although she didn't know he was responsible at the time. Brooke became involved with Dimitri when Edmund asked Dimitri to help him investigate Jim Thomasen.   When Brooke was told that Jim was responsible for the crash that killed Maria she was shattered and Dimitri put his arms around her and comforted her.

Edmund was tracking down more information when he was abducted by
Thomasen and held captive in an aqueduct.  Dimitri followed him there
and rescued Edmund.  Meanwhile, Brooke thought that both Edmund and
Dimitri were dead.   She lured Jim to Stuart's Art Gallery and when he
threatened Jamie and taunted Brooke about what he was going to do to Jamie
and that Edmund and Dimitri were dead, she shot him with a gun that
Dimitri had given her for protection.

Dimitri came to the Gallery and found Brooke holding the gun and Jim
dead on the floor.   When the police arrived he said that he had killed
Jim. After much questioning, Brooke was allowed to leave the Police
Station and attempted to fly to Jamie on Dimitri's plane.  While they
were in the airport, Brooke asked him why he was helping her and he
admitted that he was trying to improve his tarnished image.  She
laughed at him....that he was using her, a woman who had just shot a man
four times in the back to improve his image.  They talked more and became
closer.  The assitant DA arrived arrived and arrested them both.  They
ended up in adjoining cells.  The spent part of the time singing old
camp songs and talking.   [This was a very good episode as Dimitri stayed with her all night to keep up her spirits.  This was when there were first
signs of attraction between them].   Dimitri paid Brooke's bail and they
were both released in the morning.

Brooke's trial got underway and things were not going well, so Dimitri
convinced Brooke to take Jamie and leave the country.
After much pressure from Tad/Dixie and Edmund, ...Dimitri told them
where Brooke was and she returned and finished the trial.  Thanks to
some pictures that Tad manufactured, she was found innocent.During the
trial, Brooke came to depend more and more on Dimitri and they became very
close.  Dimitri had begun to have a romantic interest in Brooke and
they shared many close and tender moments.

At the party celebrating Brooke's acquittal Dimitri talked with Brooke
and asked if they could continue their friendship.  She turned him down
and said that their relationship could go no further, that she was not
ready for a complicated relationship.  Dimitri was crushed but

Just before the Crystal Ball, Brooke asked Dimitri if he would be her
escort.  She admitted to him that she regretted having turned him down
after her trial.  But it was too late, he had already agreed to be
Erica's escort.

Edmund and Dimitri with Brooke's lawyer, Belinda Kiefer at Brooke's murder trial.

Brooke celebrates her not guilty verdict at a victory party.

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