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Brooke and Adam's affair

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On the night that Brooke's marriage to Edmund was annulled, Brooke went out drinking and ran into Adam, who had just had a fight with Liza. The two drank together and wound up back at Brooke's where things got a little hot and heavy! 

They talk about old times and enjoy each other's company.
Brooke and Adam meet up at the Pine Valley Inn and have a few martinis together.

As they hold each other closer their desire becomes obvious.

Adam takes Brooke home. She puts on a song they listened to on their honeymoon. He asks her to dance

Adam starts to leave but Brooke calls him back. Passion explodes as they kiss.

Brooke wants to kiss Adam, but she resists the urge...for about two minutes.

They can't get enough of each other!

They begin to tear at each other's clothes in their haste.

The next day Adam tries to convince Brooke to continue their affair by grabbing her and kissing her.

Will Brooke agree to continue their affair? Click here to see part 2-The Seduction.