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Spoilers for the week of Mar. 1-5.

Please let ABC know how happy you are to have Brooke back.

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Interview with Julia

Soapnet preview video

Soap Opera Weekly

Zendall will begin their short stint on Apr 9th for Kendall and the 13th For Zach


Greenlee tells David that she trusts him but loves Ryan.

Angie tells Annie that she is JR's hope for survival.

Tad finds out Damon is homeless and makes him an offer.

Adam invites Brooke to stay at his home.

Nurse Gayle stuns Ryan and Liza with the truth about David.

W/O 3/8:
David wants revenge; JR's condition grows worse; Tad has a vision; Ryan and Jesse lull Greens into a false sense of security.

A fan letter loving Jerica and their scenes when Jack returned (SOD has a "THUMBS UP" column for his return and those scenes too)

The SOW Mail Call is fans calling for a Jerica reunion.

More spoilers:

Greenlee and Erica continue to clash

Greenlee suggests that she and Erica find a way to work together

Ryan and Erica join forces against David

Ryan plays cat-and-mouse with David

Ryan has a plan

David is shocked to realize that Erica has turned on him

Jake manages to keep David from discovering where Gayle is

Gayle and Amanda strike up a friendship

The tables are turned on David

Gayle shoots Erica

Greenlee fakes an injury to help David

Greenlee lets Ryan know how furious she is

David lies in wait for Erica

Annie gets the results of whether or not she's a match for JR

Annie is faced with a difficult choice

Annie feels threatened by Brooke and Adam's closeness

Adam invites Brooke to stay at the mansion

Annie ensures that she has the advantage

Adam is thrilled that Annie is a partial match for JR

Annie takes steps to secretly save JR's life

Adam is not happy about Marissa adopting AJ

Dixie is with JR in his time of need

JR visits heaven

JR is happily reunited with Dixie and Stuart

Angie refuses to allow David to push her around

Frankie takes pain medication to help deal with the pain in his hand

Tad realizes that Damon is homeless

Damon opens up about his life before Pine Valley

Tad invites Damon to move in if Damon agrees to help out around the house

Opal has a change of heart about Damon

Colby and Damon grow closer

March preview:

JR's health takes a grave turn this month -- and while that might not be good for him, it's great for us. Confused? Well, let us clear it up: As JR hovers between life and death, he's reunited in heaven with DIXIE! Yes, folks, Cady McClain returns to All My Children in March (with a great new hairdo, too!). And don't be surprised if JR sees another familiar face during his out-of-body experience. Meanwhile, back down on earth, a bone marrow donor is found just in time. Are you ready for this? It's Annie! Even if JR does survive the risky procedure, when he finds out Annie is the one that saved his life, it's not going to be pretty.

Speaking of Annie, Colby was no match for her, but this month Brooke proves to be the worst thing that could have happened to the new Mrs. Chandler. As Annie watches Brooke and Adam slowly get closer, she gets more insecure and neurotic. Even though Annie was willing to save JR's life, she feels farther away from Adam than ever. And when another Chandler makes it their mission to get Annie out of the family, it might just stay that way.

Ryan, Erica, Jake, Amanda, and Nurse Gayle all team up to take down David Hayward once and for all. Unfortunately, even with all of their carefully laid plans, David manages to get away. (Erica better watch out, too, because we all know how much David hates to be double-crossed.) Look for David's new ally to be... Adam? WTH? When the devil makes a deal with the, um, devil, nothing good can come of it. Oh yeah, and someone involved in all of this gets shot as well.

Meanwhile, the only other person that knows of David's true whereabouts is Greenlee, who is trying her best to keep her husband out of prison. She's completely blown away, though, when David admits something shocking this month. Will it mean the end of their marriage of convenience?

Liza and Tad's relationship is strained (big time!) this month when they fall into familiar patterns and shut each other out during a time of crisis. A big reason for this crisis? Damon. Tad takes the wayward boy under his wing and even invites him to live with him -- which Liza doesn't like at all. But look for Tad to get the shock of his life when he discovers who Damon's mystery mother is.
Here's a hint: she is a blast from AMC's past!

The war for Fusion is on this month -- and it gets nasty. First, Greenlee finds out about Erica's plan to get her out of the company (thanks to David) and she becomes more focused than ever to down Ms. Kane. The office turns into a battleground, with Madison and Randi being forced to pick sides. When the ladies come up with a contest that will decide the fate of Fusion, look for Amanda and Natalia to join the ranks, too. Catty women, corporate drama, and Erica and Greenlee ready to pull each other's hair out? Sounds good to us!

Meanwhile, Jackson makes a decision about his future -- and it's a good one. He closes his law firm in Paris and decides to stay in Pine Valley. Yay! Does this mean there's hope for an Erica and Jack reunion?

Hmm ... there seems to be something huge that we are forgetting. What is it again? Oh, yes! Did we mention JR isn't the only one who sees Dixie? Watch for a poignant reunion between Tad and the love of his life. FYI: We've already got our box of tissues ready!

Best of all: Brooke and Erica, face to face. It's all you'd expect, and more.

All this, PLUS: Someone in Pine Valley gets the swine flu; Jake and Amanda struggle; Krystal gets a surprising new job; and Madison sets her sights on someone new.

SON spoilers


Greenlee attempts to call a cease-fire with Erica after another particularly bitter exchange. Angie refuses to give in to David's latest blackmail attempt. David spies Frankie popping a pain pill. Damon reaches out to Colby. Tad realizes how dire Damon's situation is on Tuesday, March 2. Seeing a lot of himself in Damon, Tad makes the young man an offer. Damon is an easy fit in the Martin household. On Friday, March 5, Liza remains wary of Damon's fit with her daughter. Krystal reaches out to Tad.

The Inside Story: Win, Lose or Draw David and Greenlee plot to take down Erica. Erica and Ryan team up to destroy David. Erica, Liza and Ryan put the pressure on Gayle who can't quite let go of her attachment to David on Tuesday, March 2. Gayle spills that David bribed a coroner to assist him with his deception about Greenlee's death but claims to not know the name of the person. David works his magic upon making contact with Gayle. On Wednesday, March 3, Ryan greets a surprised David when the doc arrives to pick up Gayle at the address she provided. Gayle makes a decision after commiserating with Amanda. Jake, Ryan, Gayle, Erica set their plan against David into motion on Thursday, March 4. An unhinged Gayle pulls a gun on Erica after David refuses to give into their threats and sign a formal confession. Gayle shoots Erica! David gives Gayle what she wants but soon realizes he was duped. Greenlee faces off with Ryan after helping David escape. Erica finds an unhappy David waiting for her in her home.

A Closer Look: Dreams & Nightmares

Annie learns she is a partial bone marrow match for JR but keeps the news to herself. JR flips out when he sees Annie standing over his hospital bed on Monday, March 1. Annie seethes as she witnesses the bond between Adam and Brooke. On Wednesday, March 3, realizing she stands to reap more personal gain from saving the life of her husband's son, Annie finally tells a thrilled Adam that she just may be the answer to his prayers. Dixie's spirit appears at a dying JR's bedside. Knowing JR would refuse anything from Annie, Mr. and Mrs. Chandler cook up a plan for Annie to donate anonymously. JR is content as can be as he spends time with Dixie and Stuart in heaven. Brooke's potential threat to her place continues to leave Annie restless. Annie loses it during the harvesting procedure. Dixie urges JR to fight to live on Friday, March 5.

All My Children News and Headlines:


* Greenlee unleashes her anger on Ryan. (Soap Opera Digest)

* David's out to get even with Erica. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Adam tells Annie what she needs to hear. (National Enquirer)

* JR faces a very real battle between life and death. (Soap Opera Weekly)

* Liza makes a surprising discovery. (National Enquirer)

* Monday: Ryan convinces Erica to team up with him to destroy David. Jake fears Greenlee's going to discover Gayle. Annie learns whether or not she's a match for JR.

* Tuesday: Angie stands up to David. Tad offers Damon a lifeline. Greenlee goes toe-to-toe with Erica.

* Wednesday: Annie faces a difficult decision. Ryan toys with David. Gayle finds a friend in Amanda.

* Thursday: Annie manipulates the situation to her advantage. Dixie's spirit reaches out to JR. Ryan puts his plan in motion.

* Friday: David can't believe Erica sold him out. Greenlee lashes out at Ryan. JR takes a magical journey to heaven.

SOS scoops:


Ryan convinces Erica to team up with him to destroy David. Greenlee's honest with David when she admits to still loving Ryan but says David is the man she trusts. In turn, David is honest with Greenlee when he admits Erica's threatening to send him to prison unless he helps her oust Greenlee from Fusion. Ryan brings Liza on board to help him and Erica get the goods on David. Erica, Liza and Ryan have their work cut out for them convincing a nervous Gayle to go through with their plan. Gayle tells Ryan and Liza that David bribed a coroner to switch Greenlee's DNA with someone elses after the accident but Liza explains that without the man's name, they still don't have a case. Greenlee and Erica go toe-to-toe at Fusion with each woman refusing to back down. Greenlee, however, realizes she went too far with one of her digs and suggests she and Erica need to find a way to work together.


Angie tells Annie she's a partial match for JR and is his best hope for survival. Annie keeps the news to herself as she struggles to decide what to do. JR regains consciousness just long enough to angrily order Annie out of his room as she stands over him, knowing she could be the only one who could save his life. Brooke tries to comfort Adam. Annie barely hides her jealousy when she witnesses the closeness between Brooke and Adam. With her own selfish motives at the forefront, Annie finally tells Adam she's a partial match for JR. Annie's thrilled by Adam's gratitude. Colby is bolstered by Damon's words of encouragement. Tad sees a lot of himself in Damon. Opal admits to Tad she might have misjudged Damon when she sees how good he is with Kathy and Jenny. Jake, Ryan, Gayle and Erica put their plan against David in motion, with help from Amanda and Natalia. Annie's unsettled when she learns Adam invited Brooke to stay at the mansion. Dixie appears in front of JR.


Greenlee tells David they'll work together to bring down Erica on Monday, March 1

David witnesses Frankie pop a pill on Tuesday, March 2

Adam isn't thrilled when Liza gives Marissa the papers finalizing her adoption of AJ on Wednesday, March 3

Gayle threatens to shoot Erica on Thursday, March 4

Liza's concerned over Colby's growing closeness with Damon on Friday, March 5