The Barr Association
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2005 AMC Fan Club Luncheon photos

BrokEdfan, Jaime, Peace and Marcie of the Barr Association.

Four members of the Barr Association attended the fan club luncheon on Aug. 21, 2005 at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. Jaime manned a table where she sold Barr Association souvenirs while Peace and Marcie handed out Brooke pins and postcards to other AMC fans. Everyone was upset when we told them Julia's contract might not be renewed this fall and promised to send postcards or write TPTB.
When Julia was introduced at the luncheon she got a standing ovation! Jaime was waiting with a huge bouquet of flowers from the Barr Association. She had to literally grab Julia to give her the flowers because Julia didn't know they were for her.
During the Q&A session Julia thanked us for the support and the flowers.
Shortly after giving her the flowers I (Marcie) noticed Julia's husband, Richie, standing in the back of the room. Jaime and I talked with Richie for several minutes and he also told us how much our support meant to Julia. He is such a nice man and a real pleasure to talk to.
After getting our colored pics of Julia autographed we spent some more time talking with Richie. He was very popular with the fans as well!
When the event was over Julia took some more pictures with us and thanked us again for our support and the flowers. Julia is such a sweet person and if you'd like to help keep her on the show please snail mail TPTB and let them know you want her to stay on the show.

These are the flowers the Barr Association presented to Julia Barr.

Jaime, Marcie, Peace and Julia Barr. BrokEdfan took the picture.

Julia was seated with Terry Ivens and James Scott, her line was quite long!

Julia takes a picture with Marcie of the Barr Association.

Julia receives a gift bag from the members of the Barr Association.

One of Julia's many fans.

Julia's husband Richie Hirschlag.

Another Julia fan and the flowers our group gave her.

Julia and her flowers.


Richie and Julia with all the flowers from her fans.

Vincent Irizzary. What a hunk!

Julia and her husband, Richie.

Walt Willey did the Question and Answer period and he loved to choose children to ask the questions.

Ian Buchanan and Rebecca Budig.

A close-up of Walt Willey.

Jeff Branson.

Justin Bruening.

Lamman Rucker and his mother. I loved what his mother wore.

Chrishell Stauss.

Levin Rambin and Bobby Steggert.