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Q&A with Julia Barr
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The Barr Association is thrilled to bring you Julia Barr's answers to fan's questions.
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Where is one place that you've never visited that you'd love to go and why?

Spain, Greece and Africa, to name a few! Spain and Greece because they are beautiful and because I like places that have rich history, fabulous architecture and art…. And I’ve always wanted to go on an African safari. It would be incredible to see those incredible animals out in their natural habitat.



Other than Adam, who would you like to see Brooke paired with?

David, Tad, Aidan, Zach, Palmer….. for starters!



How do you feel about the fact that Brooke's storyline concerning her mother (Jane Dobrin) was never fully explored?

Historically, I think it is very important to periodically bring it up. I feel the same way about Brooke’s adopted daughter Laura who is in China. But neither is really mentioned much. HELLO !



What was your favorite storyline to play?  Which are you most proud of?

One of my favorites is when Brooke and Edmund were doing their undercover work and Edmund was playing Eduardo, the gigilo, and it culminated in the quicksand scenes. It was the perfect blend of humor and romance. And John and I loved working together. As for most proud, of course the death of Laura caused by a drunk driver. That storyline was handled beautifully in all ways, from the writing, the directing and across the board….everything came together.



If you could navigate Brooke's storyline, where would it go? ie. Brooke's love life, her professional career, her as a mom, etc.

I’d give her all three: a love life that involves investigating a story and her son Jamie.

Does the set of Brooke's home still exist?

That is a good question ! I have NO idea !



How far ahead of time do you receive a script before the actual taping?

About one week ahead.


Since the writers seem to have trouble writing for Brooke, fans online began developing story arcs for Brooke - among them:

a) a medical crisis-perhaps cancer-with Brooke surviving, of course

b) an investigation into Gregg Madden leading to a romance

c) Brooke discovering that somehow Adam is Jamie's father

Of these which would you like to play?

WOW ! These are all great ideas. I particularly am intrigued by the Gregg Madden romance and the Adam paternity of Jamie story.


When the time comes for you to leave AMC - hopefully not for another decade or so- would you prefer for Brooke to be killed-off or to move away?

I think I’d prefer to have Brooke move away – out of Pine Valley -- for a strong storyline-dictated reason.


What about the "celebrity" experience do you find most surprising?

That it has not impacted my private life.


Some people say that soap operas are a dying genre, do you agree?

It is a complicated issue. I think that ‘dying" is too strong a word. But, the reality is that with today’s many viewing choices – from hundreds of cable and dish channels to dvr to podcasts and all of the other options that audiences have – getting and keeping viewers to watch a five day a week program is more complicated and challenging than ever. Ratings across the board can never go back to how things were before women worked out of the home, or before cable television came along. I would not say soaps will be gone. I believe there will always be an audience. It will just be more challenging to keep people tuning in.

Has Brooke ever done anything that you would never do in real life?

Shoot a man!!



If you could work on a music album with anyone of your choice, who would it be?

I would love to do a duet with Annie Lenox…perform with the Barenaked Ladies…and sing backup for U2! How’s that?!


January, 2006